Belated Happy New Year!!! and Resolutions. Plus Hand Picked Best Firework versions around the World

I know I know, it’s already the end of the month, after I sang and made that video. Well, better late than never. And, some cool firework shows is fun. Here’s one for now.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Sydney Harbor Bridge

The truth is, I did get motivated, I did work very very hard. May be too hard, learning joggling around different social networks which I pretty much knew nothing about. Have never used any smart phone/iphone(unless it’s free to me), can’t find my ipod which I used once… I don’t know who’s more pathetic than me. The hashtag, the plugin, widget, button… what the heck they are? How to use them? so many videos editing  publishing…  Lots of ideas, Holy guacamole. Need more time/day! The truth is, sitting down too much is very bad for your health. Not to mention the Carpel Tunnel syndrome.  H–e–l–p—-

World Highest Auction Priced Painting sold for whopping $120 Mil (close to) 2012.

How am I going to be more organized and prioritized without jeopardizing my physical health?

With that said, I had to pad my shoulder. For 27 days since Jan. 1 2013,

  • I’ve opened 11 social network accounts one after another Youtube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, My Space, ….well, you name it, all of them. (I don’t know what the heck I am doing with all of them, couldn’t be wrong with more, right?) and, WordPress, to start to blog again. 
  • Edited, recorded, posted 14 Youtube videos, and shared many of them in other social networks mentioned above. Some not posted yet. 
  • 2 posts up my blog excl. this one. It does l–ooo–ts of time for the thought process and writing for the blog, unlike tweets.
  • add 31 Facebook friend from 0, (I know, pathetic, need more good friends) and managed to get myself blocked 7 days. My priority is putting good content before anything. The truth is, I am stumbling on everything
  • social around. put in about 20-30 video+written response with serious thoughts in youtube. that takes a lot of time. And others in Facebook.
  • 25 tweets.
  • putting in 20-30 share buttons in different social networks where it’s possible. Mine you, this takes  a lot of time, inputting and double checking each and different URL one by one. But once it’s done, it’ll so it’s own thing to help you around. I have still yet to learn to put a big ass LIKE button in Facebook.
  • checking out lots of articles, some blogs and videos of others, and yeah, that includes that unbelievably annoying Nyan Cat. I am not going to put it here to torture you. And also Gangnam Style. Gangnam is that Korean singer PSY’s hometown.  It’s thousand times upgrades from the Nyan Cat, still I don’t understand what’s the big deal really. Actually my GF’s 10yo daughter introduced them to me who didn’t know their existence except seeing some part of Gangnam style video on TV. This one is the funniest and cutest IMO. Wow, Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond.’s so good in writing and promoting the blog. It’s said she hired some people to write at least some of the content. It’s estimated that she’s making over $800k annual income from the blog ad Alone. Good for her. but don’t quit your job in a hurry folks, that’s more like winning a lottery ticket for serious money like that. I bet she worked very hard too. I never knew you can make money out of blogging, esp that kind of money. Not to mention it got her into many other venues, for one, her own Food Network Show “The Pioneer Woman” (that show is not good) I don’t think I can make good blog like hers not to mention the resource, think about Houghton Post. But, my food is def. better than hers way healthier and definitely TASTIER than hers, although I don’t cook as much varieties. I dare to have a cooking competition with her, hahaha. Except I am not sure if she like to go for any competition though.

Why all of a sudden I jump into something working at it that much?

New Year Eve, singing my heart out of many Christmas songs, hearing the fire craker crackling, something struck me. It’s another year slipping through my fingers. What had I done so far for so long, watching TV, playing games? Whenever I have an excuse. I know I am not totally lazy. But did I try my best, did I seriously set my goals and TAKE ACTION work on them everyday? I am getting old each day, my body can handle less and less physical. Did I actively try to find new venue, try to add something more meaningful to my life?


I remember exactly a year earlier, I got a cold. I was squeezing juice out from 60 passion fruits, eating and making food watching CNN Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin yaba yaba at the same time. Somehow, the passion fruit juice cured my cold. Oh, that thing is really anti-oxidant. Some fruit in my frige for 2 month the juice’s still very good. It’s too much hassle to squeeze 1 fruit each time to get a few drips. This year, still watching CNN hearing Anderson and Kathy Griffin, there’s nothing really new. But, the firework playing that day caught my eyes. So much better than Griffin’s big mouth, sex jokes trying to be outrageous. Wow, those firework, out of this world. And I took the time hand picked the best version for you in youtube. Enjoy. Love to here what you think.

Taipei (Taiwan) Taipei 101, 2nd tallest building in the world.

London Big Eye and Moscow ok, not as spectacular, so not include here

Dubai Burj Khalifa, tallest building in the world. can see the fountain dancing at the end. S–o— out of this world. Money money money..

Turn out Japan has firework festivals in different places all the time, like their Cherry Blossom festival. Later when I have more time. So much to write about.

Oh, what about New Year Resolutions. Haha, that, I have not worked out the whole thing yet. Just show you something done, hope we can inspire and motivate each other somehow. I def. want to go to Disney World to enjoy their Christmas lighting and New Year firework. I don’t know Is there some way to get some discount during that kind of timing?

End note: If the queen of procatinating can do something, you can too. So do something. Again love to hear your thoughts.


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