Life, D Good Life? My Long Forgotten Blogger

Life, D Good Life? My Long Forgotten BloggerIf Kathrine Hapburn is an oat tree, I’d be happy to be able to measure up to my babies, the Pomegranate trees. For 3 years, they pretty much care for themselves, not only withstanding all the harsh weather that beaten down so many others, no whining, no complaining,  but giving me this lovely fruit. Yes, it’s cracking, but it’s so full of life. It nourishes my body, boost my immune system with strong anti-oxydant. The seeds today have already germinated giving new lives to the next generation.  

2 and a half years ago, motivated by “Julie and Julia” I finally got my act together starting to blog about my Easy Affordable Healthy Tasty Cooking/Food, which I had th–i–nk– about doing something with for years.,

Well, just 2 months into blogging, wham wham wham wham wham, I got hit by one misfortune after another, legal, financial, physical, family… you name it. At one point, I could hardly moved my limps. My world has been totally crumbled and collapsed in every way possible. D good life no more. Even now, I have a hard time to move around. I can’t even typing too much. Needless to say, I stopped blogging, I don’t even know how to access to it any more. Obvious, I can’t measure up to my own baby. P1080645 P1090039

Years gone by, till the past New Year Eve…. (next post)


About mabel8ble

Photos, Videos, Food, Entertainment, Fun Fact, Heath Info., Travel, Animals & Nature, Gardening, Decor… Me, Mabel Able: the Super Creative Fun Loving Singing Jr. Martha Stewart; Foodie n Home Cook specializes in Easy Lazy Tasty Healthy Cheap Eats. Live well, Eat Healthy, Have Fun. Enjoy. Have a Good Life and a Good Day
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13 Responses to Life, D Good Life? My Long Forgotten Blogger

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  2. I just had to do it! Video I made here in Thailand….The Kitten vs the Roach!

    • mabel8ble says:

      Hello Jim, my fellow Youtuber,

      Oh, that corky, deserve to die. Have a hard time to lay my eyes at roaches though. Tr–ama. Haha, fear of them more than snake. yayaya.

      I checked on some of your videos. putting in some “likes” and comments. That white Thai temple is so cool. I hope you have a great week ahead

  3. Hay Mabel-Able, thanks for the comments, just having fun with this life thing! Last night went to a Thai fair, don’t think you would have one of their menu choices….ROACHES on a stick! They say it’s good for your sex life? lol… Now the snake sandwich you may enjoy?Today, I went on a new adventure on my motorbike to no-ware, fun… it’s about the journey…right!

    • mabel8ble says:

      Oh Jim, you are such an adventurer. I wish I can live up to your age and still can run around like you. Hmm, snake I like. s—-o—- delicious, seriously. Takes a long time to make it tasty and not chewy though. Oh roaches, no thank you very much. Although I did enjoy the roasted bugs that really looked like roaches live where the cat fish live in the muddy water. Those were the days without chemicals. I tried some roasted fat little worms sucking inside my pumpkin flowers in my organic garden. put some salt, garlic and chili powder, not the greatest, not like snake, but not bad. the journey, agree. Have a great day

      • Talk about an adventure…”YOU GOT IT!” You also have adventure in your blood. Try everything once. Try to find a stone that has not been turned over? I am going to start a new blog (you gave me the idea) “WHAT’S ON YOUR BUCKET LIST?” Should be done this week. My “GREAT” day has started!

      • mabel8ble says:

        Jim another blog. wow, how much time you have? I don’t have enough time for 1. good for you.

  4. Mysoresoul says:

    I came onto your blog, first thing that struck me was the beautiful header, the blossom, then I thought hmmmm white on white not great, then a wee scroll down and the glorious colours and the food hit me like a good slap and I love it, I love the deep reds in your images, pale yellows, the food, the lit candles, it was a feast all right for my eyes. What I really do like and it almost flew out at me almost looking like 3d is the wee blue heart, just half way down your page. Nothing wrong with your page 🙂

    • mabel8ble says:

      Thanks Soresoul, for taking your time to visit my blog to give me the feedback.
      Really? You like it? I like the pictures too. The side bar bothers me.
      Yeah, I was debating the white on white. And thought maybe it’d be easier on reader’s eyes. I know what you mean now that I visited your blog. I like your beige/brown background a lot. Wow, the portrait is unforgettable. Enjoy it. You page looks very well organized. What theme are you using? mine is 2010, do you know if I can do something like yours to categorize your posts on the top?

      • Mysoresoul says:

        Hi the theme is called MT dark and you find in by going to your dashboard, find appearance, go in there and in there click ‘Install Themes’ then in the search put MT Dark and it will come up and then click ‘Install Now’ and follow the on screen instructions once its installed, click customize and away you go. What you have written with your pictures will all fit in and if you look under customize you will see menu and that is where you can organize your menu and which order they will sit on the top like mine. Hope thats ok for you to follow. 🙂

      • mabel8ble says:

        Thanks. Oh, yeah. Got it.
        If I change anything, would it affect google search to my blog. I mean if I google “live well eat healthy” or “mabel8ble” there I am. would any change screw that up? sorry such a dummy. I’d love to make thumbnails to represent the topics and arrange like yours, like those in “the pioneer woman” ree drummond’s blog, the top blog.

      • Mysoresoul says:

        No you are only changing your theme nothing else. Some themes help gain places within the search engines its called analytics and they are built into some themes. You are not such a dummy, I tell the children I work with when they say they are thick or a dummy, I tell them the truth and the truth is ‘You haven’t learnt that yet’ 🙂

      • mabel8ble says:

        hehehehehe, you are s–o— good with kids and explaining things. Thank you

        I saw you other user ID. Is this your website too? Good for you

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