Day 1 Some Where Over the Rainbow (A Beautiful Romantic Easy Healthy Delicious Valentine’s Day on a Budget)

IMG_5878Valentine’s Day’s coming. The long winding title pretty much sums up what I am going to do.

  • A full bloom Meal/Dinner with soup, appetite, main course, drink and desert
  • Make up
  • Dress up

7 Days to go. The count down Calendar is set up. Planed to get everything published at least 1 week ahead of that special Valentine’s Day. 

IMG_6000       IMG_6003  

Here’s what I’ve done so far. Some how, I just don’t f–e–e-l—  the   l—o—v—e—-   No where near any Rainbow…        H—u–h— Sigh         IMG_6005      A--------h------h------- sale/overview.html       A——-H——–H———

Clean up is just mindless physical laboring. Planning the meal with my existing food requires more thinking. And that’s the budget part. Easy on your wallet, your gas and your body.

Here’s my inventory from frig and pantry — I know I know, that doesn’t tell you squad. It’d be detailed in the video. Basically, I need to put them in categories and plan around the protein group.  IMG_6018           

  •  protein: frozen Chicken Thighs, Eggs*, canned Salmon*, frozen Ono fish*, Cooked pulled Turkey and Pork. 
  • Veggie: Baby Spinach*,  Broccoli, frozen Corn*, Red Onions, dried Shitake Mushroom, Dried Seaweed
  • Starch: Pink Potatoes, Risotto Rice, White Rice, Quinoa, Garlic Bread, Whole Wheat Pasta*, Garlic Bread, Baby Taro (if you don’t know what it is, you can easily pull out the images from the web.  shown in video, not likely to use them as it’s not that commonly used for most people here, I will do a different video for cooking them)
  • Fruit: Passion fruits, Tangerines, P1090133Pomegranate in my tree, frozen Mango and Peach, frozen Blueberry, Strawberry, and mix Berries, dried Cranberry, dried Apricot, Rasin, Currant,
  • Worth mentioned Herb and Seasoning: Ginger roots, Chicken broth,  Hot Chili,
  • Juice: Pineapple, Cranberry,V8, coconut juice, cosparkling Apple Cider
  • Misc: Tasteless frozen Wonton, Chicken Noodle SoupIMG_6019Cheese, Dark Chocolate, Milk*, Condensed Milk, Mix nuts, Rice Flour, Coconut Butter, tea (hibiscus, green, oolong, English grey…..)

*organic or wild (caught)

Usually, I just think about it and go for it. But I am doing blogging video taping and everything. Overwhelmed. It’d be easier for me to sit down plan it out. Sounds like Candice Olson in “Divine Design”  Of I go to clean up my craps.

Next, will come up with the meal plan.


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