Day 2 and 3, Some Where Over the Rainbow (A Beautiful Romantic Easy Healthy Delicious Valentine’s Day on a Budget)  Day 1, I accessed the situation and took the inventory. 

Day 2 and 3 now, with ingredients in my refrigerator and pantry, I’ve decided the menu. Romantic, Luxury and Comfy are what I have in mind.

The varieties of drinks are what I think will go well with the dishes. No need and not going to do them all.

Here it is.  Any feedback or suggestions? With all ears.


      1. Garlic Ham/pork Fondue, w/finger food sized a) steamed/blanched broccoli,  b)Garlic Bread c)cooked Wonton, d) chopped dry cranberry, roasted onion flakes and roasted sunflower seeds or sesames seeds as condiments on the side. That should be enough for 2 people. But if you want more —IMG_6071

2. Soup or salad, Quinoa Soup (You don’t really need the soup if you don’t want to. Plain Quinoa with nothing else is what I like to have now, esp. after the bad spell of gas and heartburn, likely waking up neighbors burping up a storm 3-4am. Need to do something. Will talk about my all natural home therapy for gas n heartburn. See if I can take care of it or at least control it. Any way,  Veggie Quinoa Soup is good, add some vegetables like celery, carrots, sweet chili pepper, use chicken broth or bone for soup base. A better alternative is Tangerine Salad w/yogurt (Chobani) sauce.




      1. Tangerine Apricot Honey Glazed Chicken, with Spinach, and garlic cheese mashed potatoes, Shiitake mushroom grave/sauce

2. Mix Nut Crusted Wild Caught Ono Fish Steak, Beurre Blanc sauce, Organic Whole Wheat Pasta with red sauce of red wine garlic olive and Prego, finely diced tender moringa (tentative, never cooked that before will see).


I’d go for garlic saute either watercress or green tomatoes with that lean and firm texture ono fish. Asparagus is also good.
  • Dink: white wine, chardonnay, and, or Strawberry Daiquiri, or Rainbow Cider (frozen mango, Apple Cider, Cranberry, passion fruit and pineapple juice)


  1. Coconut Chocolate truffles and ice cream, or yogurt, and, or
  2. Shaved Strawberry Ice w Chocolate Ganache n Condensed Milk 
  • Drink: hot or cold chocolate with Raspberry liqueur, chamomile tea.

I think it’s a pretty yummy menu with great balance on taste, nutrition, and ease of execution.

I’d prefer short ribs, lobster, shrimp or crabs, any which I don’t have now. But that doesn’t mean we can make it a  tantalizing, finger licking unforgettable Valentine’s Day Diner/Meal. And the menu dishes are easier on our tummy than the above mentioned ingredients too.

With that said, the most important part is the execution of the idea and the outcome, like  anything else With the menu set, I’ve thawed and marinated the chicken thigh overnight so far; Ono fish steak is thawing in frig. I soaked the dried Shiitake mushroom slices;  Quinoa soup’s done and part inside my stomach, hahaha.  The apricot sauce is also cooked waiting to be blended and stored. Oh, that apricot sauce, or soup, is simply s–o— tempting, I have to control myself hard not to pour all of it down my throat. Yum yum  yum. Now I need to clean up set up the table and mood (that’d take a long time as I don’t know what is where).. Before I reserve a big time block to cook and shoot.IMG_6081

I am very lousy with time management. Really worrying whether I have enough time to get everything done. If not, I have to skip the desert, the make up and dress up part. Or cheat. Buy and arrange desert instead of making from scratch, or do it past deadline. Not going to kill myself for it. Cross my fingers.

Things are heating up. Can’t wait for the pretty yummy day, hum hum hum, mouth watering …


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