Day 5, Some Where Over the Rainbow (A Beautiful Romantic Easy Healthy Delicious Valentine’s Day on a Budget)

IMG_6188 Thing are slowly cooking up, way slowly than what I  think. I planned to finished the Fondue and Coconut Chocolate Truffle. But I only managed to take care of the Fondue. I also made this romantic Valentine Concoction. That was to be done yesterday while I was cooking the chicken, and the gravy. 3 hours for those two items from start to cleaning the dishes. Pathetic.  I’d be “Chopped” and kicked out of food network’s door 8000 miles away in a second if I am in the “Chopped” competition.


Well, guess what this beautiful drink is that? Isn’t that cool? Ha ha ha. Half of the what I made is already in my stomach. It’s very good for your digestion too. I made big pot of this from time to time and drink it for days. Chopped or not chopped, I begin to feel the l—o—v—e, vs. day 1.  Love love love.

For the Fondue,  cheese-fonduewww.simplyrecipes.comhaha, took me qu–i–te a while.

The truth is, that I’ve never really made any fondue.  It is loaded with fat. It’s just a guilty pleasure. I basically had fondue twice. Both were very good. The one I had in Switzerland has become a fond memory that brings out all the happy feelings.

It was in Gimmelwald, a tiny village, yet a tourist magnet, with out-of-this-world quaintness, and FREE cable rides. I was s—o— exited to see the grass changed into thick luxurious green and the lovely white cows spotting around, with their cow bells ringing in the wind, against snow capped mountain, oh—, just to be disappointed that we missed the last cable ride for the day, and, we had to leave Switzerland back to France, where the hotel was way cheaper. If you’ve seen “The Sound of Music”, you’d have the feel of Gimmelwald/Switzerland.  Greedy greedy, I arranged the driving trip non stop no break, trying to see everything in limited time. We were running around like fugitives. Goodbye Gimmelwald, before I got to enjoy your God given beauty. It was devastating. Tears kept running down my face.

It was cold and drizzling, adding to my misery. Well, we got to eat something and try something local. Of course that’s my duty.
time-for-some-fresh-air-travel-to-gimmelwald-switzerlandWe stepped into this cute quaint little fondue restaurant, (God, I just have to learn to recover some pictures from my old broken computer) with the big sign of some kind of cheese I forgot. It’s not gruyere cheese, my most favorite cheese in the whole world, but it did taste very similar to Gruyere. I couldn’t tell the difference.  H-e–a-venly, I licked the whole pot off with my fingers (I really thought I was going to kill myself. It’s 6-10 time the cheese I consume in one setting)and half way empty their white pepper, oops. Miracle. No stomach trouble. The fondue save the day! At least I brought home some good memory from Switzerland. I knew, from the moment I laid my eyes on this natural wonder, I would go back to have a good visit. the whole lovely

…. What a fond memory trip. Back to the real world. Yes, I made my fondue, which is way way way healthier than the traditional one. Way less fat, with roasted nuts of many kind, mouth watering cooked pork chop, oh, since I’ve finished all my flour, I used potato, rice flour and bread…, hahaha. Yep, that’s Mabel’s dish. The fondue didn’t come out as smooth and nice looking as the traditional one, but tastes mighty good nevertheless. One warning, DON’T underestimated the sweetness of the condensed milk. One reason it took me so long is that I screwed up by putting condensed milk 3-4 times (1.5 TB) more than I should, into the fondue. Mine, that mistake made me slave for quite some time to fix the whole freaking fondue. Hope you don’t have to go through what I had to.

BTW, there’s a sweet version of fondue, and, that is, Chocolate Fondue. And Valentine’s Day is absolutely a good occasion to do it. I didn’t include that in the menu is that there’re already 1 fondue, probably too much fat too much redundancy. Instead, I am doing hot or cold chocolate (oh, you know, not your regular one, Mabel’s fancy version of hot or cold chocolate drink course), and chocolate truffled. I don’t know, could be nice to do the chocolate fondue too. May be. Tell me what you think.

Ok, still have pasta, maybe presto sauce, vegetable to go with the Ono fish, and truffle to make, not to mention makeup dress up. I don’t even know where my limited makeup items are haven’t done for a long time. And all those candle’s disappeared somewhere. For now, enjoy. IMG_6184

Remember, Live Well, Eat Healthy, Have Fun.

For the Valentine’s Day whole event so far, from the beginning, check out —,,


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2 Responses to Day 5, Some Where Over the Rainbow (A Beautiful Romantic Easy Healthy Delicious Valentine’s Day on a Budget)

  1. Ann Sowards says:

    Yummmm! thanks for checking out my blog, because it got me to this very entertaining post! I love to cook as well as write. Too bad I don’t love exercise as much but Im working on it and healthy food tips help.

    • mabel8ble says:

      O—h—- mine mine mine, Ann, me either. My body is weak actually can’t handle exercise very much. I can do walking and that’s pretty much it. So you see eating healthy is pretty much not an option for me, it’s surviving need. You look pretty fit. Hey running after the puppies is exercising

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