What’s the Healthiest Diet? and Cholesterol Myth That Could Harm Your Health, Longevity -Quick Tip: The Best Camera is the One You Have With You

If we are talking about eating healthy. What food/diet is considered healthy? Should we first define and address that 800lb gorilla before we move on? Here’s are some opinions from the health care pros that I think worth sharing.

In the clip below 8 medical doctors gave out their 2 cents on this topics.

Next video, Olive Oil is BAD for your heart?! What the heck is he talking about? I don’t know, I don’t buy this one. You make your own judgement.

We all think that Olive oil is  so good for you. In fact, CNN’s Anderson Cooper just mentioned it a few days ago that eating Olive Oil, the extra virgin one esp. is good for your heart health. So far as I see, it’s pretty much the healthiest of all (cooking) oil based on majority points of view.  I’ll stay away from the chemically extracted olive oil though.

Let’s check out all the other (cooking) oils —

  1. butter, and coconut butter, lard and animal fat, — lots of saturated fat, cholesterol.  I have to mention that there’s good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol(LDL). Although I love the taste of these oils, I have a hard time to digest them also why take the chance.  I  lay low and take it easy on them. Hey I am the Paula Deen opposite. I know from her ingredients that her food taste good, but, mama mia, I don’t want to cut myself short so I can have more years to enjoy more good food. You don’t need a ton loads of fat to make tasty food. I’d show you. By the way, here’s a doctor’s take in this article “The Cholesterol Myth That Could be Harming Your Health” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-mercola/the-cholesterol-myth-that_b_676817.html 

    Fresh coconut. Mabel Able: What's the Healthiest Diet? and Cholesterol Myth That Could Harm Your Health

    Fresh coconut. Mabel Able: What’s the Healthiest Diet? and Cholesterol Myth That Could Harm Your Health

  2. Hydrogenated oil, shortenings, margarine — Bad bad bad, trans fat (plastic). This is the group of fat I stay away from. Why take the fake and  less flavorful when you have the safer real deal? I’d rather go for Lard, Roast Duck fat, Butter and Coconut butter. Just use a little bit to make you feel so good about the food. Ok, shortening really make good flaky bake goods like biscuits, my favorite, and many other deserts. But lard, butter, even peanut, almond butter (the nut butter is my first choice in making not so frequently made baked goods ….) are not bad at all can’t consider a sacrifice not to use shortening. Here’s another article from a news medical reporter “Cholesterol Myth: What Really Causes the Heart Disease?” http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/healthscience/2012/october/cholesterol-myth-what-really-causes-heart-disease/
  3. Ok, now it seems the supposedly healthiest group of oil — the vegetable oil, and the canola oil IS NOT that healthy after all. Because these oils are chemically extracted. Haha, to me Chemical high chance to get Carcinogen/Cancer. Why take the chance? “Why You Should NEVER Eat Vegetable Oil or Margarine!” http://wellnessmama.com/2193/why-you-should-never-eat-vegetable-oil-or-margarine/

Guess how many bottles of oil I consume in 30 years? Under 5. Little 15 oz bottle average. 1 canola, 1 extra virgin Olive,  5-6 Macadamia.  I am not the only that who consume my food. I use some butter too, very little of them on savory dishes. Quite some in making brownies once in a while, about 1/3 -1/2 of the recipe requires like1/4 stick. I always store my butter in the freezer since I don’t use them on regular bases. 

The little fat I couldn’t rid of in my meat, and milk, lots of nuts now and avocado provide sufficient oil intake for me.

So whatever way they cut it, I am mighty safe. 

“Heath Food” vs. Healthy Food – How to read labels.

My 2 cents:  great information. Not totally objective though.

You can say the soups are junk, yes mostly are, IMO. And the labeling is misleading,  and yes.  But it’s unfair to say that the food company cheats by “diluting” the 100% fat of 1 TB with water to get the 99% fat free soup in 1 can of soup. For god’s sake, it’s soup they are selling in a can, they are not selling 1TB oil in a can! It’s the whole can of soup you are taking. Why shouldn’t they include the other ingredients other than that 1TB oil in nutrition information?

The Tropical Velvet: Passion fruit Mango Smoothie. Mabel Able: What's the Healthiest Diet? and Cholesterol Myth That Could Harm Your Health

The Tropical Velvet: Passion fruit Mango Smoothie. Mabel Able: What’s the Healthiest Diet? and Cholesterol Myth That Could Harm Your Health

I can care less of whatever % fat free of soups and other goods as long as you can separate the fat from the rest. How hard is it to get your ass to skim the freaking fat away from the soup!! It’s the chemicals (for flavor, texture, preservation..) that I worry about because I can’t take them out. The fat free sugar/salt free items are actually red flags to me. A lot of time chemicals/sugar, fat substitutes are put in to add some flavor back from the missing fat, sugar and salt. Suddenly the “healthy” choices are actually even more unhealthy. So forget about the health label/brand, read the nutrition label instead.

I read Nutrition labels whenever I pick up every single piece of grocery item that comes with it. Thank you America, it is not a perfect system, however it’s the best one so far as I know compared to the rest of the world. I always go for the “Calories from Fat” – the first line of “Amount per Serving” – I shy away from anything over 50% of Total Calories from Fat except nuts, cheese, chocolate, butter, oil… you know, those are supposed to be high in fat.  Then I check the ingredients. No chemicals for me. Ok, if the price is very good and the chemicals are not many and not that bad, I’d get some. I am not an extreme healthy nut. Most of my foods are good old fresh heathy ones. I think I can get away with very little bit of chemicals once in a while.

Check out this 72Yo who looks like 30-40 yo

Another even younger looking 70 yo woman. Oh, that’s a lot of work eating raw food like her. Your choice

Conclusion, my two cents:

 All in all, regardless what diet you label it and how you do it, a healthy diet to me is Low in Fat, Low in Sodium and Sugar, High in Fiber and Easy to Digest, with Balanced proportion of Vegetable, Fruits, Lean Protein and Whole Grain starch according to you own body needs.

Information is powerful. I am a fan of Dr. Oz http://www.doctoroz.com/,  Dr. Weilhttp://www.drweil.com/ and any other good pieces of health information out there. Everyday is a learning experience. As always, use common sense and Your Own Judgement to process the info.

  1. Do we really need medical doctors to tell us what to eat? Regardless the gazillion different labeling of diets, we all already know what food groups are good for you: fresh produce, lean protein and whole grain. You don’t have to be a slave to the group. Just eat mostly in this group and eat what your heart desires for the rest. (For me, I have a hard time to digest whole grains. I make soup of them to break them down more. I have yet to make sprout grains, which is supposed to be real good and healthy. I don’t eat much starch though as my body doesn’t feel like it. And I am ok with it.)
  2. Herbs, herbal teas are very good for you.  So try to incorporate them as much as you can into your diet. Don’t get carried away though. Herbs in general have very assertive taste that can easily ruin your dish, also they, esp. the dried ones, are stronger than your regular vegetable. Can get over dosed. Don’t ever think it’s safe just because things are natural. It doesn’t work that way.
  3. You should really lay low on fat, esp. the bad one like in group 2, cut down your sugar and sodium intake. That means stay away from processed food, the deli meat, sausages, patty/burger, the fried food, soda.. as much as you can. You know what I am talking about. And check on your food labels.

    My baby Bell Peppers and blossoms. Mabel Able: What's the Healthiest Diet? and Cholesterol Myth That Could Harm Your Health

    My baby Bell Peppers and blossoms. Mabel Able: What’s the Healthiest Diet? and Cholesterol Myth That Could Harm Your Health

  • The problem is not the knowledge that’s available at the touch of your finger tips 24/7, it is the ACTION we take. Are we going to eat healthy, or we just spend time looking for excuses?
  • It’s not the food, it’s the good eating habit that works in the long run. Once you form a good eating habit for healthy food, you are all set. Your body will kick your ass if you don’t eat well. I have never worry about my weight and dieting in my life. Minor changes from time to time like eat dried fruit rather than chocolate and drink more tea, yes.

    Fresh coconut, tangerine and dried fruits. Mabel Able: What's the Healthiest Diet? and Cholesterol Myth That Could Harm Your Health

    Fresh coconut, tangerine and dried fruits. Mabel Able: What’s the Healthiest Diet? and Cholesterol Myth That Could Harm Your Health

  • Balance and persistent is the key. Don’t eat too much of anything. You don’t have to eat 100% healthy 100% of the time. Just eat healthy most of the time, you’d be fine. We all know people who live the longest are usually not doctors, not people who can’t/don’t eat this can’t/don’t eat that. It’s the people who usually live in villages, with strong family tie, live in harmony, settle/feel at ease with their current lives/destiny, moving/working around, eating anything they have, mostly fresh food, on regular schedule day in and day out, like people in Okinawa. I am s—o— impressed that this 90yo man still going out fishing every single day. That’s my idol. But again, it’s your life, your choice whether you’d like to live like that.
  • Everybody’s different. Listen to your own body. Let it guide you.

You can definitely eat healthy on a tight budget making delicious meals easily. I have lots to share with you. No excuses now, ha ha ha. Here’s the list of my videos. Sorry I don’t know how to category the video into the healthy food group yet. It’s easy to find the food clips though. Everything is on that page. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDrGWJp6JgOClnTuu0R4wnw/videos?view=0 Yes, my oral presentation sucks, for now. But you get the message. I Hope we all inspire and motivate each other to live a long healthy fulfilled life.  Live Well, Eat Healthy, Have Fun.

What do you think?



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