Green Island Serenade 绿岛小夜曲


Orchid Flower. Mabel Able: Green Island Serenade 绿岛小夜曲

Orchid Flower. Mabel Able: Green Island Serenade 绿岛小夜曲

The night is falling deep. My heart quiet down. A sense of peace and tranquility is sipping into my body. It feels sweet. Although my axxhole neighbor is still making loud noises for 8-10 hours now and polluting the air with something a bit choking. I guess somehow you get numb. Or the singing, picture taking and editing making it better.


绿岛小夜曲 Green Island Serenade Mandarin and Cantonese versions

(Bellow is Mandarin version lyrics. Cantonese version is both about love and friendship.)

This green island, is like a boat
meandering through the moonlight.

Mabel Able: Green Island Serenade 绿岛小夜曲

Mabel Able: Green Island Serenade 绿岛小夜曲

My girl, you are
floating in the ocean of my heart.

Let the melody of my song follow the breeze,
blowing through your curtains.

Let my love go with the flowing water,
serenading you.

The coconut tree’s long shadow
cannot hide my gentle love.

The clear bright moonlight
brightens my heart.

This green island night
appears so peaceful.

My lady, why are you
still silent?

I sang this song to my lil lovie bird a lot. Every time I sang to her, she’d puffed up. her whole head looked like a round banana ball and she looked bigger. Her eyes were dozing off. So cute. that made me want to sing to her more.

I can’t find more gentle obedient kids.
My “Easter bunny” is telling me now to give her some love esp. fat cat stroke. She would not leave my palm until she get some affection from Mom or human. She’d back off the food cup, drop her head in a frozen postion, looking like she’d like to die after getting a good yelling from Mom because she was bullying his brother biting him away from the food. Gee, mom needs to comfort the bully in the end. freaky bird. Even with their little bird brain, they sure know how to read Mom’s face and mood.

to be continued



Mabel Able: Green Island Serenade 绿岛小夜曲

Mabel Able: Green Island Serenade 绿岛小夜曲

fucking pulling my hair for freaking court stuff!! not what the cop told me or something!!! arrrrrrrrrr great, nobody called back and there is no way I can get to the court before they close now!!!!!! fucking kill me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t eaten n drank anything after up!!!!

“… I want to withhold the setting sun…” it’s just silly. 1. that’s not me, 2., if the sun needs to go, nobody can do anything anyway. Isn’t this what i want? Yes, if everything is black and white. But I can’t think too much into everything to drive myself crazy. I need to do. I need to resume what I should do. I need to back to my old inner quiet and peace. I don’t mind the evening breeze. everything else, it’s pro. too much.. “my heart’s no longer agitating” that, is a good thing.

why do these 4 words kept ring in my head just now non stop till i m here? It couldn’t be me, could it? I’ve never day dreaming into it for my mind to do that on its own. but, I couldn’t possible think that’s real, could I? Since last night they began to ring and I was pressed to answer, top of the world after those forever engraved in ur brain happy hours. I can’t think. The answer is positive because I know lives would be elevated to another much higher and better adventurous level (yep i just know and i just know how) for everyone even it is quite a big leap and nerve wrecking? maybe just nervous jump.  but it couldn’t be. (oooohhh, haven’t thought about that, normal people’s normal life structure may not be applied here, could be funky kind, oops no then, thank you very much, haha, i don’t want to suffer or humiliate or anything like that, what for?) But there isn’t really much in it except from my own mind. I shouldn’t dwell more time on mirage. And I don’t like being tortured. Life to me is struggle, yes, that what makes life interesting when u triumph, life is handwork, yes, that’s what makes u enjoy life so much more, life is laughter, life could be day dreaming a bit after you’d done ur work, life could be tears but in the end life should be joyful and adventurous, life is a big exclamation mark.

god damn it, here it comes again, am i getting crazy?!!! my future is not a dream!

here comes my big b, my ohana, calling card 1, hehe. h–a—, def. will sober up when quiet down. idk. work, haha

ho, sinking in, slipping away. My w, my h, hollowing out. it is terrible. God, I must b brave.


My life is not perfect, nobody’s is. How am I going to make out of it, the rest of my life?

Poor Jesus, must have lived a rough life and the tragic death, yet, what he gave to the people then and the world now. My lucky star, I owe u and I will pay for all u’ve given me the rest of my life


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