A Lazy Sunny Day in the Mall

Mabel Able: A Lazy Sunny Day in the Mall

Mabel Able: A Lazy Sunny Day in the Mall


People go to mall to shop and have some fun. Me too. But every where I go, I can’t help looking at all the architectural details and decors, and Judging, hahaha.

Mabel Able: A Lazy Sunny Day in the Mall

Mabel Able: A Lazy Sunny Day in the Mall

(This, they did a wonderful job to convert a parking garage into more shopping space, not perfect, but pretty decent I like it)

Finding faults with people? ok, more like how I feel when my eyes, that are addicted to beautiful things, lay on the surroundings.

White Anthurium, Mabel Able: A Lazy Sunny Day in the Mall

White Anthurium, Mabel Able: A Lazy Sunny Day in the Mall

A–h—, since my evil neighbor shoot poison directly onto my face inches away and my favorite point and shoot long zoom Canon Powershot, I couldn’t find a good replacement at a price I like. Missed the boat of the Canon Powershot sx500, the sx600 seemed to have some glitches that I don’t like to get, to me it’s a set back to the sx500. So, everything is on that crappy cell phone cam. Needless to say, it dampens my mood for taking pictures.


White Anthurium, Mabel Able: A Lazy Sunny Day in the Mall

White Anthurium, Mabel Able: A Lazy Sunny Day in the Mall

So far I quite enjoyed it. But when I got to the newly moved in Bloomingdales, I couldn’t stand it. Whoever did the egregious design of that store should be fired immediately. Esp. this is a very high end, well high priced store. I don’t have any training read any book or anything in designing, but I can see sooooo many problems. My eyes are not happy! And sure their business hurt. Cold cold cold, chaotic times a thousand, no theme, color, story, texture…anything wise, no feeling, and, the price tag, ho, it hurts even more, hahaha. The plum yarn hat I put on the top of this page? $80, that I can get for under $10 in Ross. I won’t pay anything over $6, hahaha. Cause I don’t have a deep pocket, and I especially don’t want to spend $ on things depreciate dramatically soon as you buy it.

Alright, this, haha, some how, I feel like the need to address too, hahaha. It’s nothing more than my own life style. I think I am def. entitled to my opinion and how I choose to live.  This is NOTHING to do with anybody else, period. Why should I have opinion on anything else. 1)I don’t know other people biz. One shouldn’t have any biz talking judging things one doesn’t even know. 2)even if I know a lot, it’s not my biz to yap around hinting or whatever to throw into other face, NO, u just don’t do that to other people. That is not who I am.

Everything I say, pretty much on face value. I don’t say one thing and mean another, not that it’s bad, but it’s no how my brain operates. If I want to say something, I say it directly, if I want to do something, I’d do it like exactly what I feel like to do, no double meaning, hinting or anything. So, happy happy? hehehe. Blessing.

I really really wish a better and bright world in all of our future.

Mabel Able, A Lazy Sunny Day in the Mall

Mabel Able, A Lazy Sunny Day in the Mall

I don’t know how many times and how hard I hit my finger trying to hammer in the very dull nail with a super force to penetrate layers of facial metal onto the roof top deck; how stiff my neck is, underneath the house with 1 feet crawl space, trying to work and supervise the big guys as to where to put the jack, how to drill a pilot hole and how to level the beam  … for hours and hours…

Here are their stuff, from hmm, to hmm?!!! hahaha.

more pics to be continue

The ending is a happy, well, very yummy one, that is, Gelato, from Neiman Marcus. It is not the cheapest, but real authentic good quality ingredient, ho, yum yum. I totally didn’t expect that cause their high priced restaurant food is totally underwhelming for me.I’d like to go back for more of their gelato.

Yet, my stomach twisted in a knock at the end. I hurried home, surely, guess what I found, some street fight, beauty n the beast and the beast got the upper hand. So relieved nothing tragic took place.


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