How a Innocent Woman’s Life Ruined, Under the Sun of Paradise. Viewer discretion advised

 bear with me this is not done, I will continue adding the content as I am able to manage

<5yrs,1 can be ruined, 1 actually could b dead. I had already said good bye my last words, 2 my loved ones n d world. less than 5 yrs

More beforeand after pics of me, moved into my current single family  resident in Ewa Beach all by myself. Actually I can’t say it’s my resident any more. I can’t stay there if I want to be alive. I m homeless like a fugitive running around sick weak tired, hard time to deal w just the normal environment, which my body can’t handle well at all and I don’t get to sleep much. 

AFTER– I have tons of them but for now, just these 2 days I haven’t got around to gather everything, life is pretty hard on me. 

   I can’t have any sheets coverings extremely bloody irritating, I had to hide them in another room them put on all my clothes to deal with the evening cold

Cold hard cement floor and walls n metal toilet bowl of a solitary jail cell. What’s more chilling, is a highest pitched teetering piercing shrieking that I have ever heard in my life, not even in the scariest terror movie,  a blood curdling shrieking, vibrates, echoes and cuts though walls after walls of all the cement cells in Downtown Honolulu Police Department Holding Cells, into the now dead silence of listening ears from earlier yelling door poundings.

I don’t recognize that voice, at all. Yet I know, it’s from me, wave after wave of force from my shaking twisting body, every cell of it, pushed violently through my vocal cord and wide open mouth. The choking air, not right for my sensitive body,like black fog, has be for a while, slowing creeping out from two ceiling vents and all the cracks seams from the hallway, filling collecting gathering up in the tiny cemented space, form into long sharp deadly nails of evil witch, penetrate every membrane of my cell, especially those in my lungs and heart and throat, closing up my airway, pressing out my heart it felt like, and tear up my muscles and guts, all the soft tissues in my body. My body shake violently, panting and screaming uncontrollably, as if to shake of the closing in tightening grip of death, against the heavy front medal door.

I don’t know how long this will last and when I will be at the collapsing losing my conscious point. I am waiting to the calm relax period right before death. it’s such a torture, I’ve been begging them to come and gun me down and get it over with if they want to kill me. Nobody does that to grant me my wishes.

The officers, mostly young good looking ones, male and female, just talked not far away, walked over to have a look at how I progress and walked away, like monitoring something. “I will never forgive you, I have not done anything to you, to break the law, how could you do this to me, how could you watch an innocent person die like this? how could you. I will not forgive you, you all have my blood in your hand” What do I care, after all I will not able to express myself before the next day when I supposed to show in court, I wonder when they are going to dispose of my body. I cut my skin blood out…

It’s a Memorial Day, May 29th, of 2017. I am so sure I will be dead, and never walked out of that deadly Police Station and see the sunlight ever again.

For my 20 years in China, I have never encounter or dealt with 1 single police officer, for another 20 some year in US soil, mostly in Hawaii, I have never had anyone calling police on me, until I moved into this older house neighbor all alone by myself 3-4 yrs ago. How did I, a law abiding citizen, who don’t think I have break any laws, get myself 2 restraining orders, arrested, several times, how does my life get to that point… ?

It was 3 days prior, May 26th. As usual daily and nightly routine depending on my neighbor’s moods, I got choked up again. It was so intensified, as my trial days are closing in. My neighbor knew as the Cromers are the state’s witness. I haven’t been able to sleep much at all night and day from 10 days to 2 weeks. Sleep means undisturbed 4 hours sleep. that is a luxury for me. I don’t remember a single night, a single day, when I didn’t got disturbed and agitated by the air, by various kind of polluted air and disturb my body, and the noise, extremely loud noise like boombox lound percussion music or kids screaming

This is one of many many episodes, day or night. whatever substances in the air blown in and collected around my house infiltrate my body tearing my organs apart: my lung, my heart, stomach, intestine, liver…

And, as usual, I rushed out my yard, see where the bad air is coming from and shoot water over my plants and in the air to mist the air to help to reduce the bad air. this time, it’s from across the street, my back neighbor Lorenzo’s friends, the hired guns

“Fucking bitch, shooting water across the street” I heart a yelling. “Who’s that?” nobody answered. I opened my gate to find out what’s going on. I already have 2 neighbors related to each other as landlord and tenant, my enemies, I m not looking forward to adding more. I didn’t see any water across the street. my from curb/driveway is wet. Soon as I saw my neighbor jumped out of to the street, yelled I bothered them shooting water her white truck (huh? who’s bothering whom? 1. all the fume emit to cause all kinds health issue and damages to various part of my body, mist air is a way to help myself a bit, and 2. I m watering from inside my around 6′ tall gate and fence, all I see are my tarps and plants, I can’t see anything outside, I had no idea she has a car parked there, well these days, esp when there’s fume across street, they’d leave their curb side open so wind can cary more bad air over more freely) and took picture of me standing out of my gate, I called 911. Well, she’s violated her Restraining order, (like she cares. she’s protected, of course,nothing’s going to happen to her), most importantly, every time they took some pictures, I will be arrested or cases written against me and could be sent to prosecution’s office. I dialed 911. I need to put my side of the story.

Noon, police came. Officer 3186, I forgot how to spell his last name. After he uttered something about a pending violation against me, which I had no idea the implication and  significance. He proceed to snatched my phone off, twisted and grabbed my hand, forbid me to get inside my gate. And called in reinforcement. by the time 2-3 more police cars arrived and around 6 or more police came out


I don’t have the luxury of looking out most of my windows and see the blood sky, like any other people.

12172014-2015-symptoms-fume-poisonous-air  viewer discretion advised.


I don’t know how much time I have. My sin: I have wasted a lot of my life, I haven’t done much I haven’t achieve much in my life at all, in way better time and place than that of my parents. 

Do I want to share and spread the pain to the world? no, this is disturbing, this is not pleasant, but then I am not only been denied of the law and order, the protection I, a tax paying pay for, I am being harassed, prosecuted left and right now, the people, my neighbor who harass me and harm me no end, the shady and the freeloaders that are partially support by me, who’s so much weaker than any of them physically, get to be protected and use the services I pay for to put me in more harms and themselves loom freely doing whatever they want to me, no consequences, nobody is doing anything to them.

As if this is not enough,

I need help. If I don’t get, I need the world to know what is happening. This is the dark side of our society, the dark side we don’t need to have. This is the cancer, do we want to turn a blind eye and let it grow. let the good, the innocent, the law abide suffer may be to death and the evils to keep prosecute the former, their victim. Do we want a society like that?!




Before —



After —


Live Function – jeopardized. That, looks scary but it’s just the skin, not the worst at all.


(herbal bath. green T, grapefruit peel, aloe. conclusion didn’t do anything. I stopped)


(tried Noni, those black marks, didn’t do much either, so I stop. Aloe is pretty good I found)


Before —





After —




Severe Gum infection. I thought I have tooth decay all the way to the nerve. I have never experience a pain so bad at some pain I thought my heart is going to give away I felt like to pass out. Needless to say, no sleeping at all. The infection damaged the roots and I lose 2 molars.


Just who are they are — Just check on their records, opposite of people like me.  Although they could presented themselves like angels they def. can and very good at that.

That’s the father of my neighbor Austin Lorenzo, he is the bigger one in court. State Contractor. Of course the damage of the water system is related. Well, how many property damages I have had with them next to me?

Austin Lorenzo, the son, “family spoke’s person” the one bellow in black shirt shooting the water to my face, the one showing one of the 40 fake deeds talking to the camera, the son of the “King Kamehameha the VI?”, is my neighbor. That’s when the air hurt the hack out of, well, at least me, see the link again. 12172014-2015-symptoms-fume-poisonous-air Those things in the air, are not your everyday stuff, it’s something “special” different “things” they cause quite some damages. Of course, they “evacuate” to move into occupy bulldoze attempt to build the state lands. The little boys they have their buddy across the street against the wind blow any bad stuff to my side away from that direction where the boys are.



(Aug 11, 2015. That hose is twice the normal size the water is directly shooting straight on my face. I am soaked I can squeeze water from my underware. my camera is damaged. Just the day before things were thrown into my yard, my garden decor smashed, and they dismantled the cemented buildup on my own wall half to 3ft on my side of the land. I built up my fence at that corner cause they constantly jump into my yard creeping me out big time. I took pictures of what I did. they came over torn up my vine before they hosed me down. he ran away before police arrived.

Anything happened to them? Of course nothing. Police not recommended to charge him. )








This is not Auschwitz concentration camp, norJapan’s Death Laboratory WWII. I don’t die quickly Although





I am arrested on August 18. Why I don’t know

I don’t know if one day, I will either die of acute poisoning, slow death of cancer by the on going low dose air poisoning nonstop for about 2 year, or mysterious death in jail or in police custody for breaking no laws. Currently I have been arrested and on bail now, again, for breaking no laws.

I know my “crime” – to live alone by myself in a house, viewed as easy target and fairgame unfortunately next to evil relentless neighbor and their tenants ganged up together. That, is my “crime”. Key words: Alone NO Witness, Non Immigrant, and, Female.

Even though I am a glass half full person who believe in the good of people in general, and even though I like to bury my head in the sand, trying block my mind about it and think about other things, it’s to the point I can’t ignore the dangerous situation I am in.

Not only because I, a 100lb frail immigrant female is living alone surrounded all sides except street front by at least 17 people/2 neighbors, (one is the landlord, the other the tenant of said landlord, so basically it’s 1 big party of 17+ ppl agains me) with shady background and some criminal records plus a few dogs and subject to non stop ongoing harassments that have cause tremendous amount of drama and stress and health problems, but the most scary part is that our law enforcement, our legal system are protecting and servicing these bad people, and repeatedly prosecute me, the innocent victim, who, so far, has done nothing to break the law, thus in a way, encouraging these people in some situation to further hurt me, all without any consequences.

Let me elaborate and with a few examples —

Villans, Served and Protected; Innocents, Prosecuted
I can’t do no right and in no win situation. If I don’t have the pictures, then I am either “making up stories with no base”, or nothing can be done, If I have the pictures, I am “harassing” my neighbors.

My Arrest

I am arrested on August 18 for taking pictures to document the property damages my neighbor who got himself to my side if the property and violate his and his wife’s TRO – temporary restraining order. So instead of him being arrested, 3 police car arrive, talk my neighbors for a long time. 3 cops then come straight forward to arrest me handcuffed me right there. They refused to talk to me to hear my side of the story, needless to say to see the damages and violations I can show them. I was immediately taken to the police station, searched, finger printed, and got my mug shot and with my arrest record in the system.

The officer who’s in charge of this case still remember that I called supervisor make it known (according to him, to “report” him) that he made me felt extremely threatened physically and mentally.

This neighbor (the tenant) has threatened me in the past that the police is their buddies that would party with them and called to update information with the cops’ cell phone. I do believe that, because when I called the cops, some went to visit them instead and talked to them, more like chit chatting like for over 3 hrs let me hang in there waiting.

Photo on 8-19-16 at 12.48 AM

That, am I supposed to feel shameful, yes, I should if I have done anything wrong.  No, I was WRONGED, meaning somebody wrong me and no I didn’t do anything wrong. The irony is, that I am the only one that shouldn’t feel shameful.The shame is on the criminals who attacked my verbally and physically with threats, with extremely detailed and offensive sexual profanities, hateful with digesting spits, with roach, ant whatever killer spray on my face, onto my 100% organic yards, with detergents,
I am fuming, actually, insanely angry.
guess what i did, went up my tree ate my tangerine, trim the leaves and recorded/taking pictures of the property damages by neighbor. I can’t sleep and I don’t want to get sick from this lousy feeling.

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