LA Proximity: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

a lot to b input, whenever I have time. not proority seen a lot, feel a lot.

Photo on 9-4-16 at 2.50 PM

This, is definitely the good, the very good, and I’d rather use beautiful, positive and healthy. This should be where I belong, hahaha, except the money part. Too rotten to do every time. But, since I will be going back and forth to my doc in the future, I would like to stay sometime, yay!

Photo on 9-4-16 at 2.37 PM

Talking about my doc, he’s also part of the good. I love him and his stuff. They are good above all. And that means a lot, cause 95% of the time, my standard is not met. in Fact, he is the only one dentist i approve. that’s how pathetic the industry isWhen I set out to get things done, it has to be right and solid. mine, they are good, dedicate to their work, super friendly and detail oriented, super bed side manner and high energy. I love them. Their office with WiFi, all kinds charge n hookups, drawers of chocolate coffee and cream, clean air sun shinning office is like a comfy second home to me away from my messy home, and the i-really-want-to-forget smelly, n teeth-shattering-curly-hairy-vanity-counter-top bathroom of my bnb, I don’t want to touch anything, anything, without a bunch of tissue paper, nice people dirt cheap pl. so I really can’t complain much.

messy pics piled up to b edited



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