Juicy Tells all Book by Ex Clinton Secret Service Officer?

Nah. “Crisis of Character” by Gary Byrne, the former secret service agent stationed outside the Oval office for 3 years, is actually quite boring and it’s kind of a grinding to read, regardless how tantalizing the subtitle is. There is not much juicy details about the powerful couple. Good guy as the officer seems to be, he doesn’t appear to have the capacity to grasp and understand the Clintons as a person with many facets but the mere surface. Obviously he doesn’t know them as a person, their passion, principle, their likes dislike, philosophy, even achievement, motivations, etc etc…

It seems there are quite some controversies about the timing and contents of the book. I am an outsider and I don’t plan to spend more time to dig into something like that. Just can’t help spilling out my impression of the reading.

A few details I like and had fun with.

— A quarrel erupted between the Clintons, a vase was smashed and pieces scattered waiting to be cleaned up and recorded. Bill came out with 1 black eye, haha. “allergic to coffee” said the secretary. “with one eye”, hahahahaha, that’s hilarious.

Photo on 9-8-16 at 5.51 PM #5.jpg

— while the two couple are taking pictures, Bill move the officer/the author’s hand on Hillary’s butt, and rubbed the back of officer’s wife Ginny, not Hillary. Naturally the couple’s hair stood up the whole time, nervous,  hahaha, while Bill was having fun, naturally.

— Hillary is an angry person constantly yelling and screaming at everyone including Billy and fire anyone she doesn’t like.’ “When in public, Hillary smiles and acts graciously,” Kessler explains. “As soon as the cameras are gone, her angry personality, nastiness, and imperiousness become evident.” He adds: “Hillary Clinton can make Richard Nixon look like Mahatma Gandhi.”’ No wonder I always felt the meanness of the 1st lady and never liked her. I think she changed cause the vibes around her seems much mellower. My take, a bad temperament doesn’t necessary mean that the person is a bad person. It’s just one of the person’s, well temperament. A person has many layers. Esp. what does he/she do, who contributions’ made, etc… I’ve talked to some New Yorkers, they are quite impressed with what she did for the city. Well, I don’t know myself though thus have no opinion. Bill Clinton is not stupid, he doesn’t love and married Hillary for nothing.

— Bill Clinton is secretive (obviously he has to, hahaha), corruptive (that I don’t know,not surprised, see what happened to the funds of their foundation) and womanizer (that everyone already knows, haha)

— Bill is charming and friendly to everyone except Hillary. He likes to give extra time to people. He can talk to everybody. If he said your name is something else, you would have to look at your name tag cause you bought his story. hahaha. And regardless of your dislike him n his politics or anything, you can’t help but like the guy.

I personally think that Bill Clinton is someone extremely loving, charming and wise guy (except he’s womanizing), he is someone very very special. It’d be a treat to have a chance to listen to whatever he has to say, sucking in all the vibes and his words even though you’d forget everything he says, hahaha. The guy, a Rhodes Scholar, is very logical and convincing, he would bring in all kinds of statistics and massage into something so easy to understand and swollen, haha. I marvel at that. I somehow prefer the company of males. Maybe a reflection of them welcoming/liking me more in their companies? I like to hear their stories, their life experiences, their readings and opinions. I found that very interesting. Of course it has to be those who have seen the world, been around and knows a lot. Yep.

— Bill and Hillary doesn’t love each other, they are together for the business, the Clinton Inc. Hillary is constantly yelling and not supporting. Bill doesn’t appear to be attracted to her. They only get warmer and loving toward each other with cameras on or a major donor shows up.

Well, that I have to disagree. Just because people aren’t touchy feely physically, doesn’t mean they don’t love each other; just because someone constantly saying I love you doesn’t mean he loves more than those who don’t. Of course it’s always a good policy to do that, hahaha. It doesn’t cause anything but gives such good feeling. Well, love has many forms. The fact Bill proposed 3 times, and bought a house Hillary liked before his last proposal; that he puts up with all her yelling and screaming; that they are still together through all the ups and downs politically and personally, yep she put up all of his many n non stop infidelities, and they are still together… says a lot. I don’t know what that is if not love, of course it also have to do with how much you’ve invested your life with, and many factors. No matter how much he cheated, he came back. She’s his home base and foundation, the rest, 2nd home, vocational homes or simply tents, hahaha. My mom, a career woman, has never ever asked us how we felt, never made 1 birthday nor holiday celebration or meals for us, never used any endear terms, yet, when I grew up a bit and made them proud, my mom constantly annoying popped her head into my room chitchatting nonsense and disrupting my doing my homework, or repeating herself again and again after she paid extra to upgrade my ride and later arrange for a flight, that she forbid my brother and sister to eat some of the snacks she reserved for me, hahaha, that, is love, love doesn’t have to be in the form of hug, kiss, touching, and nobody would use the word love on another person… (ok, these are of course heavenly) none of those we experienced nor saw those days in China. My aunt would make sure we have enough warm clothes to wear, we carry umbrella thinking it’d rain, look frenetically all over for me or her own son when she didn’t see us around, she’d stop eating and looking at us with a big smile eating our food, my uncle silently doing all kinds stuff for us and the family, that, is love.

So I do think the 2 Clintons love each other, although not passionately.

All in all, the book is boring, but does offer a glimpse of the Clintons, the little bit surface of it, and that of the Lewinsky affair and aftermath, nothing really interesting, most I think are public knowledge?


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