Aaaarrrhh, My Acerola Cherry Tree is Fruiting, finally!!!

(ok, this is not mine, but I am too tired to move the chip back and forth for now, they look almost the same except mine is way way less cluttered)

This would be when it’s ripe.

After 4-5 futile blooming with hundreds of flowers each time, and tons of tons of organic scrap, like pistachio shells, fruit peel smoothies, egg shells, fish bones, leaves, etc etc. It’s pathetic few like 4-5 all together, out of a tree full of flowers, way more than what’s below this time. Still I am exhilarated.


I love cherry and they are expensive. That’s why I took a plunge to spend over $20 for this Cherry tree. Little did I know this is not the regular Bing Cherry or something you can pop in the mouth just like that. I found only after I got home and look into the growing instruction that I found this is too tart too unpleasant to eat right there. My immediate pulse is to return it when I need to do more shopping in the same store, either Walmart or Home Depot I forget. But then when I found that it’s easy to grow and the healthy benefits of it, even though I am never those who believe any food is miracle food. (nothing is miracle in terms of natural food, they are very gentle and nourishing to your body, that I like, yet they work very slowly, that I don’t mind), I changed my mind.

In case you don’t know about Acerola Cherry and its health benefits, like me, here is a link What Is Acerola Cherry? from Livestrong .com.

Looks like they are made into powder or liquid. Shop for acerola cherry on Google. BTW, I am not selling anything myself here, just information for the public. Never a big fan of processed food, I always go for the natural live ones. Would I want to eat a banana or drink banana powder? It’s a no brainer to me. But then if your body is under great stress and attack, something stronger and concentrated may be needed.


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