Hilarious Joke – Facial Exercise

photo-on-9-15-16-at-9-45-am-3Down right hilarious. Ok, this is not exactly word by word, heard from radio yesterday and today.

–“Hilary, how do you think about that 6 out of 10 voters hv negative view about you?”

“I love myself, o—h–, I love myself very very very much” (sounds like we are twins, hahaha, ok, this is author speaking not part of the joke)

“I made tons of money making speeches to big banks and organizations, so I am a very gifted public speaker”

“The Clinton Foundation is helping a lot of people around the world. Mother Teresa helped a few people in India and she’s given Sainthood. ”

— “you mean you should get the Sainthood as well?”

“W—e—l-l—-, not exactly like that. B–u-t, given that I’ve been putting up with all of Bills shenanigans all these years, I should have got the “Saint of Patron of the Infidelities”

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On the serious note, talking about Process and Requirements of Sainthood, why the church has to stick in Miracles like a light emitting from the person to be canonized, and INSTANTLY, cure cancer, or make the patient standup and walk, or awaken the dead to bust out of his coffin dig himself out of the grave and come alive again, haha, ok, the last case i made. You get the point. It’s sooo wacky. There is NO MIRACLE like that. So people doing the process just have to cheat and make up stuff, that seriously discredit the process and the church’s practice, does not make sense.

Isn’t one’s sacrifice of him/herself for the better of other people and the world, has made dramatic positive impact to people and the society and the world, like Mother Teresa, good enough to be given a Sainthood without all those cheating wacko deeds that she immediately cured someone’s cancer that they had to take away the patient’s medical records to make the “miracle” valid?


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