What a Beautiful World/Earth!《彩云追月》


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hahaha hahaha, our Lives are full of Sunshine!!! Bucket List? Yes Yes Yes!!!!

Botanical Scenes. looks like more from Japan

A bit tedious over 40 minute group tour to 4 South American countries, Peru, Chile, Argentine and Brazil. Not necessary too slow of the pace, but quite monotonous. Very real what you get is what you see looks like  no enhancement. like you physically go with the tour. 19,20 day tour, very organized. Thank you. Skunk! hahaha, never seen one in real life, haha. H–a— the Amazon, sounds fascinating, but I am sure when u there, it’d be the same day after day after day? in the natural world. Poor Teddy Roosevelt, almost put a bullet in his own head to save the group (with his son in it) to move on without him. Teddy Teddy. I am glad he didn’t.


Cuzco, from another video, more to my liking of focus. how much i hate, ok, too strong a for, don’t care for,  ordinary

How do I want to tour it myself? Idk. “fly” through the ordinary definitely. Rio, Rio





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