Most Delicious Way to Eat not so Sweet Apricot


First, Sugar. Which one? Coconut Sugar Vs. Coconut Palm Sugar. The Verdict: Coconut Sugar with much mild flavor that doesn’t overpower the apricot but also the slightly roasted nutty flavor adds up and complement to the taste profile.

Ok, what if you don’t have either. Then either raw or regular sugar, not brown sugar. If you have coconut powder or cream, that would definitely help.


Second Layer: Peanut Butter Vs. Almond Butter. The Winner: Almond Butter. Don’t use Peanut Butter unless you want to taste the peanut butter with a hint of fruit rather than Apricot w nutty flair.

Third Layer: Yogurt. Here I am using  ready to eat Chobani Greek yogurt Peach flavor, Not the plain yogurt.

Sprinkle more Coconut Sugar on top to finish.

Enjoy your piece of Little Heaven!


End note: I am too impatient to fuss around. My usual way to eat fruit 99% of the time is just push the fruit directly into my mouth into my stomach.

But it’s definitely a treat to take time to build up something enhanced and special kick up a notch to please your sense as well as your body’s nutritional needs as well.


I rarely cook my fresh fruit. To me, it’s a down right crime – rarely cooked fresh fruits beats neither the taste nor the texture of the live ones and you have to put in a ton loads of sugar. So you remove the health benefit wipe out the vitamins in the fresh fruits cooking it, eat more sugar excess of which is not good for you, all with inferior taste, not to mention that you stupidly slave for that inferior outcome.



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