Home Made Yogurt

2b complete, this is an unfinished blog. i click the publish button accidentally. sorry


Man, you’d never get this kind of fresh taste of your own Home Made Yogurt from store bought one. It’s unbelievably silky, creamy, custard like and mild (that u don’t get from store bought just like the fresh taste of fruit you just pick from your own tree, has different taste from those week, weeks old yogurt or fruits.)

In fact it’s so mild that I can eat that straight without adding anything, like honey, fruit, jam, sugar or anything sweet to balance the normally very tart taste of plain yogurt like those store bought one.


I think it feels so good is also that my body is so much in need/craving for calcium. I was eating like shit traveling in LA, losing my way daily driving like a mad chicken without head on the crazy road/freeway of LA’s fucked up traffic sign and road planning and design. Just didn’t have time to look around for good solid food for  the whole week. A trade off between food and sightseeing n fun n lost my way and something else, haha. I chose the sightseeings n fun. Well, it’s not fun for my body.  My finger nails already broke left and right. I am so much craving for yogurt that provides the most readily digestive form of calcium. I devoured this whole Jar of Yogurt in less then 2 days. In less than 3 week, I’ve made and consumed almost 4 of of this. Needless to say, no more breaking nails.

What else it makes me feel good? This is super easy and dirt cheap to make. photo-on-9-13-16-at-1-34-pm-2

It literally costs you, ok, cost me nothing except the milk and 3 spools of store bought yogurt as starter.

I use less than 1/3 of that amount of yogurt starter had it had not been rainy that I couldn’t use the sun to make the yogurt in a few hours under the blazing sun on the cement ground.

You can make Organic yogurt with Organic Milk like what I used to, it’s about $1.5 of milk for this who can of Organic yogurt. Now I use lactose free milk cause it makes me, or rather my digestive system, feel better, so I go for that. Beside, there has not be scientific data to show that organic food makes much difference in one’s health yet. so I am not fenatic on organic, of course, why take the chance if you can get organic that won’t cost you too much. Any way, it’s even cheaper for the lactose free milk. So for less than $1.50, I can get super fresh yogurt about 4 cups of store bought yogurt that’d probably cost $3-6, depends on where you get them.

No, putting milk with little bit of yogurt under the blazing sun on cement ground is probably highly unorthodox, and nobody else probably have done it or recommended it this way. Well, nothing much I do is orthodox or by the “book”, I rarely read books and rule recipes or abide by any.  Whatever works, as long as it’s cheap, easy or quick, healthy, tasty, which are guidelines to the kind of food I am making, I will go for that. I kind of worried that the sun is too much to hot of a temperature for making the yogurt. It turned all good. One afternoon, you can “harvest” your yogurt.

Now that I can’t use the sun, what am I doing then?

Before I started making yogurt, I checked around. There are a lot of yogurt making gadgets. They about close to $100 that time. Things could change. I don’t know the price now. But to me, it’s nuts. If you can buy anything cheaper, why would you want to slave yourself? That’s why people don’t make their own clothes, and shoes, that’s why i don’t plant anything edible that requires me to spend a dime like fertilizer except water and my kitchen scraps  to grow good produce.

Other people suggested heater, well we don’t use heaters. So forget about it already. I told myself. Until one day, I just want to have yogurt not the too sweet to runny ones from d store. That’s before Chobani were in our market. The sun worked like a chime.

So no gadget, no sun, no heater. I didn’t know before I already mix the milk and yogurt starter. haha, yes, I have freaking no patience. Then I began to look around, aha, my eyes laid on my 24-7 hot pot of soup. It’s basically a rice cooker in warming mode with soup that I constantly throwing in things I don’t want to eat, like fruit peels, fruit not so fresh any more, samples I don’t want to eat but add something to the soup, any left over and other “legitimate” ingredients.

I just put the can next to the cooker against the air flow. Like air flow in my place from the front door, and I put the can behind the soup pot not facing the front door side and put a few things around it to keep the heat staying longer. It took 2 days. The milk is refrigerator temperature. It’s definitely way longer than the sun. But the difference is that the yogurt is way milder, softer and smoother. maybe it’s the same with slow churn ice cream or chocolate. I don’t know.

I have yet to upload the pic

For later “production” I microwave the milk lukewarm first. But for the mixture that already with the yogurt left over, I am more careful. I use defrost mode, fish and .4lb which means 3:35 minutes. I do that twice, before I put the can net to my soup pot. And that reduce the time to 1 day.

Now I think about it, you can definitely use rice cooker, pressure cooker or anything cook ware that can keep water lukewarm constantly for a period of time to make your yogurt. Just heat up the water, put the can(s) in keep it in keep warm mode. I think its very doable. of course you can use the oven too, dry or wet method. I don’t know how reliable and what’s the temperature you should go though, 300? I don’t know. I am sure you can experiment on it.


Let me tell you how good this yogurt to you. Not saying it’s miracle food. The right attitude is not to go extreme for anything even though they are good stuff, and stay away from the bad food as much as possible, without suppress you cravings too much.


If I can make yogurt at home, why do I still buy them. Well, sometimes it’s convenience, and when you don’t have the mood to do anything, sometimes it’s variety..

My choice of yogurt is Chobani. And I don’t buy anything else. Is it the absolute best yogurt in the world? Absolutely not. I will tell you the best, the premium yogurt I’ve had later. But it is the best for the price I am willing to pay. It was way higher than other brands but I always got them on sale only and now the price is very comparable to other brands. Of course, I got it from Costco. You can’t get it cheaper than Costco. This is the regular. $15 and change for 20 variety cups. On sale about $10. So it’s about .5-.75 a cup, but bad, right?


Why Chobani? For one, it doesn’t have any unnatural ingredients like preservatives like other brands even some at least 1 of them Yoplait tasted pretty good. Although other brands are catching up the all natural trend, I like Chobani’s thick and not overly sweet Greek yogurt. You know, real non nonsense simple solid no cheating stuff, haha.  Yoplait was pretty runny. Maybe they have changed now. I have not touched them for quite some years.

Ok, this song is on. It seems to fit the mood. haha, so let me throw this in. Just imagine “You” is you Homemade Yogurt, cool, right? hahaha

At this moment, I am actually drinking very runny ginger peach tamarind multi-berry heavy on the blue berry and black berry smoothie. The fume from my neighbor is choking me. I need something counter act or to help out my body with the toxin. I don’t know how much it helps, but it’s better than nothing. Does make me feel better.



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