The “Peril” of Assertive Herbs & Spices to your dish

Case in point, I got a little carried away sprinkled about half a teaspoon more of mustard powder to balance out my yummy curry that I felt just a little bit too much on the sour side to make it a score 10 perfect taste, I ended up ruining the whole pot of gorgeous delicious curry with this so unpleased fourfront bitter taste render it to inedible to most people.


For most, this has to go down to the drain. I am not going to throw my curry away. No way, and after all I had done. Although there are a lot of leftovers and some stale food otherwise I wouldn’t have popped into my mouth like the BBQ potato chips that I forgot I had since I don’t have potatoes at hand and I don’t usually eat potato chips (this is a Baked version not the fried one so I think I bought it a while I ago for the 1st time)

Well, It took me more time to save the dish than the original cooking; and, 1.5 Cub cheese, 3 Roma Tomatoes and 1Cup tomato sauce that comes with the can tomatoes, 2 stalks celery, 2TB peanut butter, 2 TB dried onion flakes, 1 tsp dried parsley, 1/2tsp chili flakes, 1 packet left over brulee (caramelized) sugar, 3 cup filtered water, ok, I even throw in all the chocolate  of about 1.5 TB that I shelled out from those chocolate macadamia nut that’s too sweet for my taste, hahaha.  There are so much tasting mixing back and forth and adjusting, holy moly,

All for just 1/2 teaspoon of extra mustard powder!

The fourfront bitterness is gone, there’s still a little bit hint of after taste bitterness at the back of the tongue. I decided not to add more sugar and let the curry simmer itself out in low heat and carried over heat, let the natural sweetness in the carrots release out marrying into the curry.

Guess what, 15 minutes later, Bingo! I can smell it. Holly, everything is mingled up into a unified insanely umami delicious taste. I filled 1 cup water back in the pot and mix. Everything turned out perfect, better than before I screwed up. It’s s–o– good I couldn’t have enough of it!!!

I have to say the fat content is way higher now thankfully the tomato and sauce help cut it out a bit.

Lesson learned. Most people would end up having to throw the whole bitter dish away. It does take a lot to correct and fine tune to make it work if you get heavy handed on any assertive seasoning and herbs. The reason I manage to save/savage almost any kind of mistakes unless the dish is burned and char coated, is because I have very keen sense of taste and know what kind of seasoning I need to add in to reach the desired taste profile soon after I taste the food, It’s simply an instant automatic reaction for me. I can recreate similar taste of a dish once I taste it without knowing the recipe and ingredients. But bear in mind, most people are not like that.


So be very cautious with these assertive seasoning and herbs! On the other hand, it’s just food, not life and death matter. If you screw up, worst scenario is to throw them away, big deal, but you learn. That would be your experience, that’s how you learn, by doing it.



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