Happy Halloween!

Hehe, Have to borrow some memory. Hope it’d get better next year or from now on.

Usually I always get into some kind of fun decor or food for each holiday occasions. One year, I think it 3 years ago, I carved a few pumpkins. it’s not the usual one, like anything else, it’s the one and only Mabel style based on the shape and blemishes of each pumpkin. They are not the most artistic and fine cuts, nevertheless, they are very cute and pretty esp. when the lights are on.Some fun for me. Nothing this Year, unfortunately.


Still, there’s fall’s bounty in my “household”.    Autumn- Splendid, Delicious…    After giving away 20lb different kinds Roast Beef Round Tip and 40-50 packs of various snacks, I still have 20lb left and, 15lb over 100pc organic chicken drumsticks, cooked in 2 patches, 58pc each, browning 5 mins non browning 10 pressure cooked. For the beef, 4 pc of around 10 lb each, 1 cooked in 1 hour in electric pressure cooker and another to cool and dry for a 10lb round tip. 2 Pot Roasted with brine half way, and 1 dry roasted directly on rack a pan underneath the take the dripping.

My absolute pick is electric pressure cooking. Pretty much drop it and forget it. I don’t even manually release the pressure, just reduce the cook time a bit and let it slowly do the job itself like in 30 mins. That’s definitely my way of cooking. Affordable, easy hustle free as possible. The dry roast is defiantly to be avoided, by me. O–h—, the long hours like 12 hrs and constant smoking from the drying dripping pan and adding water to it. The smoke is driving me crazy, like I haven’t had enough of that on top of all kinds chemicals insecticides, house hold types and very nasty auto repair spray and solvents, from my evil neighbor who’s trying to poison me around the clock daily.

And don’t ever ask me to do Asian style cutting slicing thousands thin small pieces of meat from that 40lb mountain of meat. It’s major pain in the butt. Anyway, all done all set, all d—-e—l —i–c—i–ous and satisfying, I am happy. I am actually a bit meat overloaded, I go for the equally tasty pressure cooked celery stalks and dry shiitake mushroom, both soak up the yummy chick juice. yum yum yum. And, lastly, those whole bunch whole garlics, oh, so sweet and tasty soft and smooth like butter, are absolutely divine. 

what else delights my taste buds? Definitely my home made Chinese Sweet “Rice Wine” Jiuniang 酒酿 All you need is sweet rice, yeast (my friend sent whole bunch to me), and water. Some people add Osmanthus flowers. Obviously I don’t have that. But like anything else, Mabel doesn’t do Plain Jane, almost everything is uniquely made with what Mabel wants to eat and taste and what are available to achieve that. Some this patch of 2.5 Cub rice is made with 10minced dry Apricots, toned down by pinch of smashed Tian Qi Flower 田七花or三七花 1/8tsp finely chopped and smashed Ginseng root. All ingredient I craved. Ok, under the sun, next to my keep warm mode pressure cooker trying to keep it at 91F, 2-3 days later, voila, the sweet intoxicating wine particle permeate the house, esp. when I wanted hot one time and heated it in the microwave, ah, hit the spot. 2.5 C sweet rice, down my drain 3 times, haha. There’s no way I can consume that much of rice otherwise. God, it’s addictive, so sweet and hugging my guts and my soul, hahaha. 

Life could be tough, very tough, dying kind of tough being poison depending on the dose, but bits of little things and your inner strength and peace do prevail and make it better.

I am off track. Happy Halloween!


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