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  1. jeepnike says:

    I got your contact during my search for a reliable trust worthy and honest person to introduce this
    transfer project with, My Name is Mr.Jeep N .Opera, I decided to communicate to you with my personal email ID, for the sake of confidentiality of this transaction.
    I am a married man with three kids. I am writing to solicit your assistance in this Noble transfer of USD (US$50,000,000.00). my late client Mr.Dr. Jahdami Tum Ego, Sudan minister,Is a Share holder with one of the biggest oil servicing company here in Ghana.
    On Friday May 02, 2008. my client Dr. Jahdami Tum Ego with his family including other top Military officers and top government officials where on board when the plane crashed. All occupants of the air crash unfortunately lost their lives.You can read more about the crashed through the below site:http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/7380412.stm
    I have made several inquiries to locate any of my clients extended relatives but was unsuccessful.Since I have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives of my client, I am contacting you to assist me in claiming the sum of Fifty Million USD (US$50,000,000.00) which my late client deposited with a bank here in Ghana, since you both have the same last name.
    They will have the deposit funds confiscated if I fail to provide any. It is standard practice that after the expiration of a specified period, they said fund will be automatically confiscated and transfer to the Bank treasury as unclaimed bill if there is nobody to file in claim as the next of kin/relation to the deceased and the account will be closed.
    This transaction is 100% real and there is no risk involved. It is my desire to release the fund to you though we have to share the fund as follows, 55% to me while 45% will go to you, if you accept the offer then I will be expecting your urgent and sincere response.
    Mr.Jeep N. Opera,

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